Registration Fee

First Notification:50 $
Other Notifications:10 $
It can be attended with a maximum of 4 papers. (At least one author should be a partner in studies)
External Participants
External participants or other authors except the presenter:20 $


Services Included in Registration Fees

  • Participition Certificate
  • Participating in the Scientific Meeting
  • Abstract book and Full text Book(pdf)



Name Surname:Umut Saray
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Account No – Branch No:69748277 – 3663



  • Authors will register their study on the system.
  • The submitted studies will be examined by the referee committee.
  • For Online Presentations; Presentation files(mp4,wmv) must be sent to the organizing committee by e-mail no later than 3 days before the date of the congress. Mail address is written in the contact section of the site. Presentations will be held in a hall during the congress. The presenter must make the presentation at the specified time. Presentation time should not exceed 10min. The presenter will be connected to the online presentation room via the connection method which will be explained later.
  • Authors must upload the receipts from the system.